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Courtyard Design

In the design of villas, the courtyard design is the extension of the home space design. At the beginning of the design, the functional partitioning of the interior plane and that of the courtyard are carried out simultaneously. The passageway design connecting the interior and the exterior space in particular is the primary consideration. The courtyard design involves site planning, pavement design, greenery design, waterscape design and other structure design.

In this case, the courtyard design beautifully coordinates its relations with the villa building by putting up the ground pavement which deserves people’s attention, the flower bed and the waterscape. The environment design of the courtyard endows the interior space of the villa with more openness and mobility.


Master Plan


  1. Zen garden
  2. Turf panel & mesquite trees
  3. Master suite
  4. Courtyard
  5. Pool deck
  6. Pool
  7. Spa
  8. Sheer decent waterfall
  9. Retractable fence
  10. Outdoor kitchen
  11. Decomposed granite drive
  12. Fountain
  13. Patio pavers
  14. Native landscape

Courtyard Plan



1/2. Dwelling in the desert, celebrating the rich characters and qualities of the native landscapes of the southwest can be a challenge for homeowners in suburban settings who desire a contemporary lifestyle


Pool Plan





  1. Employing effective design techniques that use drought tolerant and native materials with strong yet simple elements and the clean lines of modernism, this home exemplifies authentic regionalism in a Sonoran landscape setting
  2. A neat square of turf in the courtyard creates an oasis and usuable space for parties, while keeping voerall water use and maintenance low
  3. The design challenge was to preserve the privacy that makes this area so valuable, while creating a functional and expressive landscape design

Project name: Dillon Residence Completion date: 2006 Location: Scottsdale, USA Designer: Urban Earth Design Photographer: Bill Timmerman Area: 446 sqm Award: Crescordia Award for Environmental Excellence, the Valley Forward Association, AZASLA Award of Merit, 2008

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