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Tools and equipment “Suspension and Components” – part 5


  • Shock tools. These depend on the make and model of the shock. Check the owner’s manual (which you have neatly filed) for the tool list. If you have lost the manual, most are available on the internet. Check the list of resources at the back of this book.
  • Air-sprung forks need a shock pump. These have narrow barrels and accurate gauges to allow a precise volume of air into your shocks. If you buy a new air fork, it may include a shock pump. You can also get tiny trail versions to fit in your pocket when you’re out riding.
  • A small plastic measuring jug for shock oil or a plastic syringe. They sell these in chemists for measuring out babies’ medicine.

Tools and equipment


  • Pedal spanners. Most pedal models can be fitted and removed with a 15mm pedal spanner. Pedal spanners are narrower than normal spanners, so that they can fit between the pedal body and the crank without interference. They’re longer for additional leverage and a thick, well-padded handle makes the sometimes significant amounts of pressure required to shift a pedal more tolerable. Some pedal models have no spanner flats on the axle and so must be fitted and removed using an 8mm or 6mm Allen key in the back of the axle. A good-quality, long-handled version is essential, as is a breaker or extender bar to increase your leverage.