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Alternative Braid

Out of all the hairstyles in this book, the Alternative Braid is hands down my go-to. When I’m finished with the style I like to take the end of my rattail comb and slide it in near my temples. Then I gently pull up on the comb to give my roots just a bit more volume.

1. Tease your roots, gather all the hair to one side, and split the hair into two sections.

2. Using your index fingers, twist the sections toward each other.

3. Combine the twists with your non-dominant hand.

4. Put your free index finger through the twists.

5. Split the hair into two new sections.

6. Twist the section toward each other and repeat.

7. Pancake the braid by pull and tugging on those sections. Doing this will turn the average braid into one people really notice. Tie off with a clear elastic band and spray with your favorite hair spray.

The New Braiding Handbook
60 Modern Twists on The Classic Hairstyles
Abby Smith