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Basic French Braid

Remember : you are braiding, adding a section of hair to one of the outermost strands, braiding, adding a section of hair to the outermost strand on the other side, braiding, etc. Move super slow, and don’t let all the words confuse you.

1. Separate the hair into three sections. Hold the left section in the left hand, the right section in the right hand, and the middle section in between your right hand’s index finger and thumb. The placement is very important.

2. Using your left hand, place the left section OVER the middle section and grab it with your right hand.

3. Hold the new left section in your left hand and the new middle section in between your right hand’s index finger and thumb. With your left hand, reach over the middle section and pull the right section OVER the middle section. Basically you just started a three-strand braid, nothing too fancy.

4. Now you’re going to start incorporating the rest of the hair into the braid. Place all three sections in your right hand. The left section should be held by your index finger and thumb. Using your left index finger, pull a section of hair that is the same thickness as the other sections from the front left and incorporate it into that left section.

5. Pull this section in at a slight angle.

6. Now you’re going to do another regular braid. Start by bringing the left section, the one you just added hair to, OVER the middle section with your left hand. Grab it with your right hand’s index finger and thumb.

7. Move all three strands into your left hand and repeat. With your right hand, add a new section of hair to the right strand, bring it OVER the middle piece, and grab it with your left hand.

8–9. Repeat until you have a perfect French Braid.

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