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Braided Quartet

Make the most of your straight hair with this smooth design. Increase the volume by affixing a hair wrap at the back and wrapping it with simple braids.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Brush the hair back and gather it in a high ponytail.

2. When wrapping the elastic band around the ponytail, make sure it is quite tight.

3. Affix a long hair wrap around the top of the ponytail to add volume. Hold the hair wrap in place with bobby pins.

4. Bring the ends of the hair wrap around to the bottom of the ponytail and hold in place with bobby pins. Make sure the ponytail hangs freely over the extension.

5. Divide the hair in the ponytail into four equal sections and separate each section into three even sections. Rub a bit of wax onto each of these sections and then braid them. Secure the bottom of each braid with an elastic band.

6. Repeat this technique to form braids in each of the four sections.

7. Wrap the braids around the hair wrap in an effort to conceal the wrap.

8. Open the braids gently with your fingers so that the natural hair covers the entire area of the wrap.

9. After all the braids have been pinned, massage them gently with your fingers to loosen them even more and increase their coverage of the hair wrap.

10. Repeat this process at the back of the head as well.

11. The size of each braid will be a bit different now, resulting in an interesting texture and look.

12. Use bobby pins to connect the braids to each other and ensure complete coverage of the hair wrap.

13. Repeat this technique all around the hair until it looks just right.

14. Use a tail comb to brush the hair back smoothly and tuck in the loose hair ends.

15. Mist the entire hairstyle with holding spray and blow dry for a classic, clean finish.

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