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Bundles of Joy

Be extravagant by curling several extensions into rich rolled curls. The overall look is both playful and sophisticated.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Brush the hair back and gather it in a high ponytail. Select a hairnet that matches the color of the hair and wrap it around the ponytail.

2. Select a hair extension that matches the color of the hair and affix it to the ponytail with bobby pins.

3. Divide the extension into several sections and mist each section with holding spray. Wrap each section around a hot roller. Be sure to roll the entire length of the extension around each roller.

4. Keep the hair in rollers for about 10 minutes, until completely cool.

5. Gently release the rollers.

6. Spread a bit of wax on your hand and rub it along each curl for a clean, shiny look.

7. Make sure you apply the wax all the way to the end of the hair to keep the entire curl unified.

8. Draw one curled section of hair upwards and roll the end.

9. Using both hands, roll the hair into a hollow curl by holding the hair with one hand and using the fingers of the other hand to roll it.

10. Continue rolling the hair towards the roots until you achieve a loop that is just the right size.

11. Secure the loop to the scalp by inserting a pin along the length of the loop, close to the scalp. Mist the loop with holding spray to secure it.

12. Repeat this technique with the other curls.

13. Spray each rolled section of hair with holding spray after securing it to the scalp in order to retain the shape.

14. Note that not all the loops will be pinned to the scalp. After the first batch of loops has been pinned, the loops that follow are pinned to previous loops (rather than to the scalp).

15. When all the loops are in place, mist the entire hairstyle with holding spray. Drying with a diffuser helps to hold the hairstyle perfectly in place.

16. To place the veil, insert the comb directly below the looped area of the hairstyle. When removing the veil, make sure you pull out the comb in the exact opposite direction.

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