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Casually Cool

Just because you usually have pinstraight hair, it doesn’t mean you always have to have flat hair! Adding waves is easy, fun, and a perfect way of dressing up casually cool for a special occasion.

1. Wash the hair, rub it with a bit of styling mousse, and then blow dry it. Curl it with a small curling iron.

2. To create curls that hold, mist each section of hair with styling spray before rolling it with the curling iron. Hold the iron for a few seconds on each curl.

3. Because you’re working with a small curling iron, use large sections of hair each time to create a look that is rich in volume.

4. Make a side part above the left eyebrow and continue curling the hair all over the head.

5. Make sure that you curl each section of hair all the way to the roots to create a look that is rich and full.

6. Grasp one curled section of hair and brush it out gently with a paddle brush.

7. Repeat Step 6 to brush out all of the curled sections of hair.

8. Continue brushing the hair until it is all wavy.

9. After all of the curls have been brushed into waves, mist the brush with a bit of hair spray and brush out the waves again.

10. After each section is brushed out, mist the hair brush again with a bit more styling spray and then brush a larger section of hair.

11. Mist all the hair from a distance of about 8 inches.

12. Every time you brush out the hair, the waves become larger and richer.

13. To create volume at the forehead, backcomb the bangs at the roots.

14. Gather the hair at one side of the head and secure with bobby pins close to the scalp.

15. Add pretty hair accessories on top of the bobby pins to hide the pins and dress up the hairstyle.

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