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Crisscross Ponytail

1). Gather a small section of hair from the front.

2). Combine it with a thin section of hair from the back and tie off with a clear elastic band.

3). Take a small section from the opposite side and combine it with another thin section of hair from the back.

4). Using a clear elastic, combine the sections.

5). Repeat until you have four crisscrosses. Leave out two small sections near the nape of your neck, and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

6). Wrap the right section over the ponytail and then wrap the left section over the ponytail. You’ll need to hold these sections tight with your free hand.

7). Secure the sections with a clear elastic band underneath the ponytail. You can try sliding them into the existing elastic band or just use a new one.

Tip : You don’t need to tie the elastic bands super tightly. You just want the elastics to loosely hold the hair in place. When you remove the elastics, gently slide them out of your hair.