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Curiously Curly

You’ll need a hair extension for this style, so if you’ve never used one before, practice before the big event. You’ll also need a hair ribbon that coordinates with your outfit.

1. Wash the hair and rub generously with styling cream for curls. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser.

2. Gather the hair in a tight, very high ponytail.

3. Twist the hair in the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

4. Mist the hair with hairspray. Brush the hair that’s flat on the scalp to make it smooth, and blow dry.

5. Divide the hair in the hair extension into five even sections.

6. Grasp the section on the right side of the hair extension and weave it towards the left side of the extension by bringing it under and over each adjacent section.

7. Hold the section of hair that you’ve just woven from the right to the left in one hand. Grasp the adjacent section of hair (the section that was previously the leftmost section of the hair extension) and bring it to the right side of the extension by weaving it under and over each adjacent section.

8. Continue in this manner until you’ve woven the entire hair extension.

9. Connect the hair extension to the scalp, just to the right of the ponytail base, with bobby pins.

10. Draw the hair extension over the head like a hair band and pin it on the other side of the ponytail.

11. Use a small curling iron to curl the hair in the ponytail. Curl just a small section every time, and hold each section in the curling iron for a few moments.

12. Repeat this to curl all of the hair in the ponytail into small, tidy curls.

13. Place a 32-inch hair ribbon along the front of the hair so that it sits right on the hairline. Let the hair ribbon hang evenly on either side and then tie the ends firmly at the back.

14. Use the end of a tail comb to draw out the hair in the hair extension a little bit, so that the top of the hair band is covered with little loops of hair.

15. Mist with holding spray.

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