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Daringly Darling

This hairstyle combines an upswept back with a wispy front. It’s ideal for any member of the bridal party or for a treasured guest.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Use a curling iron to curl all the hair, one section at a time.

2. Mist the hair with a little holding spray to hold the style for longer.

3. Grasp a section of hair from above each ear and draw the two sections to the back of the head.

4. Secure the sections of hair together at the back of the head with an elastic band. This serves as the base for the hairstyle.

5. Gently release the curl in each section of hair, making sure to retain the wave.

6. Pin the waves of hair, section by section, over the base you made in step 4.

7. To create a really romantic look, gather the hair in a gentle, wavy style.

8. When gathering sections of hair from around the face, make sure you allow loose strands of hair to fall freely around the face.

9. To keep the waves open and natural-looking, gently brush each section of curled hair and spray it with a little holding spray.

10. Secure the hair with bobby pins at the base of the hairstyle.

11. Gather about one-third of the hair and roll it upwards, like a rope.

12. Secure the hair to the base of the hairstyle with bobby pins.

13. Gather the remaining two sections of hair in the same way.

14. Continue to gather the remaining loose curls at the back of the head.

15. Mist the entire hairstyle with holding spray to secure it.

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