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Daringly Disheveled

While some hairstyles are serenely sleek, others charm by looking spontaneously spunky. This style definitely falls into the latter category!

1. Wash the hair, rub a bit of mousse into it, and then blow dry it. Curl the hair all around the head into large rolls, using a medium curling iron.

2. Spray the hair with styling spray and wait about five minutes for the spray to dry.

3. Grasp the hair at the front of the brow and mist it at the roots with hair spray.

4. Backcomb the roots to create volume.

5. Mist the hair with a bit of hair spray and then gently brush it out, while drawing it backwards, to create a smooth look. Make sure you don’t reduce the volume while brushing it. Secure this section of hair with a hair elastic at the crown of the head.

6. Place the elastic band close to the scalp.

7. Wrap an elastic hair band around the head. Make sure the hair band is tight, as you’ll be using it as a base for the hairstyle.

8. Position the hair band so that it lies along the hairline at the front of the head and just above the ear line all around the head. The hair band should lie on top of the hair.

9. Grasp a section of hair extending below the hair band and behind the left ear, and twist it upwards.

10. Pull the hair band here away from the head a bit and tuck the twisted section of hair into it so that the hair conceals this part of the hair band.

11. Move your way towards the nape of the neck, drawing out another section of hair, twisting it upwards and tucking it under the hair band, as you did previously.

12. If the hair is particularly long, roll it around the hair band twice every time.

13. Continue in this matter all the way around the head, until you reach the right ear. Make sure you conceal the hair band entirely as you wrap it with sections of hair.

14. After wrapping all the hair around the hair band, insert hair pins close to the hair band to secure the wraps. Mist with holding spray.

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