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Diamond Darling

All you need to create this geometric style is a handful of colorful hair elastics. Make sure the hair is totally tangle-free before you start!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Rub moisturizing cream on all the hair, then mark off a triangular section at the crown of the head.

2. Secure this hair with a brightly colored hair elastic in a ponytail close to the scalp. This will be the center of the hairstyle, so make sure the ponytail is in the right place and that the hair elastic looks tidy.

3. Gather another section of hair to one side of the middle section and a little farther back. Secure it with a brightly colored hair elastic in a ponytail close to the scalp.

4. Repeat this process on the other side of the middle section. Make sure that the sections are symmetrical and the hair elastics are close to the scalp.

5. Repeat this process on either side of the ponytails you’ve just made to create five ponytails that are similar in size and adjacent to each other.

6. To make the next row of ponytails, divide every ponytail in this first row into two even sections.

7. Make the next row of ponytails by joining adjacent halves of the ponytails. When you come to the ponytails on the left and right sides of the row, use the entire ponytail.

8. Repeat this process to make a second row of ponytails.

9. Now you have triangles of ponytails along the top of the head.

10. Repeat this process to divide the ponytails in the second row into two even sections. Join adjacent sections of these ponytails to make a third row of ponytails.

11. Rub each section with moisturizing cream, if necessary, for a smooth, clean look.

12. Now you have a series of diamonds on the top part of the hair.

13. Curl the hair extending from the bottom row of ponytails with a curling iron.

14. Add even more waves by curling the loose hair between each ponytail. Mist with holding spray.

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