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Double Braids

Start this hairstyle with leftover 1-inch wand curls. The basic steps are to make a Waterfall Braid on the top section of hair. Then make another Waterfall Braid directly underneath. Secure with bobby pins.

1. An inch or so from the front of your hairline, begin a Waterfall Braid.

2. Drop the bottom piece.

3. Add in new hair and continue braiding.

4. Once you waterfall back and around as far as you’d like to go, finish by doing a three-strand braid with the ends. Secure with a duckbill clip.

5. Start another Waterfall Braid directly below the first one.

6. Remove the duckbill clip and using the technique behind the Simple Half-Up hairstyle, fold those very outer layers over and secure them by sliding in a bobby pin or two.

Tip :

Quick refresher on the Waterfall Braid: Braid the top section over the middle, then the bottom section over middle. Transfer top and middle sections into your top hand and drop that bottom piece. Replace the bottom piece with a new section. Braid the new bottom piece over the middle and repeat.

Another way to style Double Braids is to pull the rest of the hair up into a ponytail. It adds a lot of texture and interest and is always fun to wear on race or game day!

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