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Falling Bohemian Twist

Basic Steps : divide hair into two sections, twist up, add more hair to each section, twist up, repeat. I started this style with left over 1-inch wand curls.

1. Take a triangular section of hair near the part and divide into two sections.

2. Take the bottom section and twist over the top section, or twist up.

3. Place both sections in your top hand, holding the bottom section with your index finger and thumb. With your free index finger, add a new section of hair to the bottom section, the one being held by your index finger and thumb.

4. Transfer the sections into your bottom hand, holding the top section with your index finger and thumb. With your free index finger, add a new section of hair to the top section.

5. Twist the bottom section over the top section and repeat.

6. Continue adding and twisting until you reach your temple. From here, stop adding in new sections and just twist the remainder of hair.

7. Once you reach the bottom of the sections, tie them off with a clear elastic band. Hold the elastic with your index finger and thumb, knuckles directed away from you. Then turn your wrist toward your face to tighten the twist.

8. Take your other hand and hold that last section of hair you added in before starting your regular twist, release the elastic and insert a bobby pin to hold the style tight and in place.

Tip :  After you’ve pinned the last section in place, the bottom twist is going to unravel a bit. I like to pancake the twist even more, especially up near my part. The fuller the twist, in my opinion, the more beautiful.

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