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Fishtail Bun

1). Split the hair into two sections. Tie each off with a clear elastic band one inch away from your part.

2). Fishtail one of the tails.

3). Pancake it to make it look fuller.

4). Repeat on the other side, and then hide the part by loosening some of the hair above each ponytail.

5). There are a couple different ways you can finish off this Fishtail Bun. The first way is to wrap the tails in a circular direction. One Fishtail goes over and around the other one, and then the other one starts and you’re just basically pinning the tails into a circle.

6). The other way is create a figure eight with the Fishtails. Instead of going all the way over and around the other Fishtail, you’ll bring it around and through the center space.

Tip : Keep playing with the tails until you get the shape you want. Make sure to use enough bobby pins that the style holds. I prefer using large bobby pins as opposed to regular sized ones.

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