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Gorgeous Garland

Create a natural garland by weaving hair all around the head. Dress up the garland with hair accessories if you like, or leave it stunningly simple.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Make a part that extends from ear to ear over the crown of the head.

2. Grasp a 1-inch section of hair above the right ear.

3. Split the section into two sections and number the sections 1 (closest to the ear) and 2.

4. Bring section 1 over section 2 to make an X and then add a small section of hair from the hairline to section 2.

5. Work your way towards the front of the head and bring section 2, including the new section of hair, over section 1 to make an X.

6. Grasp another small section of hair at the hairline, join it with section 1, and bring this hair over section 2 to make an X.

7. Repeat this process while making your way all along the hairline at the front of the head, each time adding a small section of hair from the hairline to sections 1 and 2. Each time you’ve added a new section of hair, fold the hair over the other section to make an X.

8. Continue twisting the hair towards the left ear.

9. Now continue towards the back of the head, working your way towards the nape of the neck. Make sure you add sections of hair from the hairline as you go.

10. Repeat this process around the back of the head. Make sure the garland you are weaving sits a bit higher along the back of the head.

11. When you reach the beginning of the garland and there is no more hair to add from the hairline, twist sections 1 and 2 together.

12. Draw the twisted hair upwards.

13. Wrap the hair around the inner edge of the garland you’ve just made, tucking it under the garland.

14. Repeat this process until all the hair has been tucked in place.

15. Secure the hair with bobby pins and mist with holding spray.

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