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High Twister

This unmistakable hairstyle is just right for the bride who wants to be chic and stylish on her wedding day.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Make a rectangular part at the back of the head to divide the hair into four groups. Secure the hair in each group with elastic bands.

2. Mark off a section of hair, about 2 inches wide, at the nape of the neck and then backcomb it at the roots to increase volume.

3. Work your way up the back of the head, backcombing similarly sized sections of hair, all the way to the top of the head.

4. Repeat this technique to backcomb the hair on one side of the head. Make sure you backcomb the hair at the roots and about 8 inches along the length of the hair, but do not backcomb the ends.

5. Brush all the hair on this side towards the other side of the head. Mist with holding spray and then secure the hair with a line of bobby pins, extending from the nape of the neck to the crown of the head.

6. To ensure a tight hold, make sure the pins overlap slightly as they make their way up the head. Mist again with holding spray.

7. Move to the other side of the head and mist with holding spray. Brush the hair on this side towards the other side of the head.

8. Bring the hair over the line of pins and twist it halfway upwards to form a banana shape. Hold the twisted hair in place with bobby pins.

9. Brush the edges of the twisted hair into the other hair, so that they blend in smoothly.

10. Release the hair at the front of the head and backcomb it at the roots to increase volume.

11. After the hair has been backcombed, brush it out and mist with holding spray for a smooth look.

12. Bring the hair forward and insert bobby pins at an angle, from the brow to the ear line, in order to make a base for gathering the hair at the front.

13. Brush the hair upwards to increase the height and then roll the hair over the line of pins to create a thick roll. Secure with a hair clip.

14. Tuck the ends of the hair inside the roll you just made and adjust them so that they fit neatly inside.

15. To complete the hairstyle, draw the twisted hair at the back towards the gathered hair at the front and secure with bobby pins.

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