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Looped Garland

This beautiful hairstyle features several large rolls of hair gathered in an asymmetrical cluster at the back of the head. Dramatic and interesting.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Separate the bangs from the rest of the hair. Hold the bangs with a hair clip and gather the rest of the hair in a high ponytail.

2. Release the bangs from the hair clip, mist with a little holding spray and brush backwards.

3. Draw the bangs to the back of the head, allow for a bit of volume at the top and secure just above the ponytail with bobby pins.

4. Divide the hair in the ponytail into five sections. Each section should be a different size. Fold each section towards the scalp and secure by inserting two bobby pins in an X shape.

5. Brush out one section of hair and affix an elastic band near the end, about 8 inches from the scalp.

6. Backcomb the hair slightly above the elastic band and roll the hair upwards towards the scalp.

7. To secure the hair, insert a bobby pin through the elastic band and into the base of bobby pins that’s already securing the hair to the scalp. To make it even more secure, you could insert additional bobby pins on either side of the rolled hair.

8. Repeat this technique with another section of hair. Roll the hair in a different direction to create an interesting arrangement.

9. When securing each rolled section of hair, make sure it touches the adjacent section.

10. Shift the rolled sections of hair, if necessary, so that all of them are connected.

11. Roll another section of hair at the crown of the head.

12. Make sure each section is positioned in a different manner.

13. To increase the volume of the hairstyle, make sure that the rolls of hair that you affix extend beyond the frame of the face.

14. In the same manner, continue rolling and securing the sections of hair at the back of the head.

15. Roll up the last section of hair and pin it just above the base of the ponytail. Mist with holding spray to secure it.

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