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Radiant Rapunzel

Bring even more magic to your evening with this charming hairstyle. Beautiful and indulgent, it’s perfect for displaying a striking, bold hair accessory.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Roll the hair around the face with hot rollers. Mist the rolled hair with holding spray.

2. Using a curling iron, curl the hair at the back of the head, all the way to the crown.

3. Let the rolled hair set for about 10 minutes and then gently remove the rollers.

4. Gently open the curls with your fingers.

5. To increase volume at the top of the face, gently backcomb the hair at the roots.

6. Draw this hair backwards and very gently brush the part of the hair that will be visible when it is drawn backwards. Make sure you brush the hair gently so as not to reduce the volume at the roots.

7. Draw the hair loosely backwards and secure in place with bobby pins. Make sure you retain height at the top of the face.

8. Gently brush back the hair at the sides of the face. Use a small hair comb to secure the hair while creating volume.

9. Gently brush the curled hair into waves using a wide-tooth comb.

10. Open the curls with the comb or your fingers until you achieve the desired effect.

11. Arrange the waves as desired and use hair clips to hold them in place.

12. Mist the hair with holding spray at a distance of about 8 inches.

13. Make sure you work very gently when shaping the hair, so that the waves stay soft and gentle.

14. Heat the hair with a diffuser and then let it cool for about 10 minutes. When the hair has set, carefully remove the hair clips.

15. To finish the look, insert a flower accessory at the back of the head.

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