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Red-Carpet Style

Start this style off with some pretty curls. You can use the 1-inch wand tutorial. If
you have extensions, this would be a great style to use them on.

1). Part of the charm behind this style is having the perfect Ariel bangs. To get them, wrap your bangs around two fingers toward your face and secure with duckbill clips. You really want to set those curls so that they don’t fall out toward the end of the night.

2). Pull your hair half up. I’ve used the Simple Half-Up technique where you fold the hair and then slide the bobby pin up through the seam. I secured the hair off center.

3). Take a chunk of hair from the nape of your neck and clip the rest of the hair out of the way using a large butterfly clip. Divide that chunk into two sections and Fishtail it all the way down.

4). When you’ve finished your Fishtail, pancake it to make it look messy and random. You want a very effortless look here.

5). Instead of tying off with a clear elastic band, tease the ends of the Fishtail and spray with hair spray. This will hold the Fishtail in place all night.

6). Release the rest of the hair from the butterfly clip and add in more volume to the curls by teasing with a rattail comb.

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