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Sensual Swirl

This smooth design is wavy, sexy, and elegant. It leaves the neck enticingly visible, so make sure you accessorize with a pretty necklace.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Make a relatively large, triangular part above the brow and curl this section of hair with hot rollers.

2. Gather the hair below the curls and above the ear line in a tight ponytail at the back of the head.

3. Brush the loose hair at the back of the head to one side. Secure it with a line of bobby pins that extends upwards from the nape of the neck. For a secure hold, insert the bobby pins in pairs in an X-shape.

4. Brush the rest of the loose hair back over the line of bobby pins. Mist with holding spray to secure it.

5. Roll the hair upwards in a banana twist to cover the line of pins you inserted in step 3. Insert bobby pins close to the scalp to secure the rolled hair firmly.

6. Draw the loose ends of hair over the top of the loop and tuck them inside the loop.

7. Secure this loop of hair with bobby pins.

8. Bring the ponytail you made in step 2 to one side and secure it with bobby pins. Insert the pins in opposite directions (one should be inserted from the top downwards and the other from the bottom upwards). This ensures a secure fit.

9. Fold the hair back in the other direction, wrapping it around to form a loop, and then secure with a large hair clip.

10. Roll the ends of the hair into the center of the loop.

11. Use bobby pins to secure the hairstyle you’ve created. You may need to use quite a few bobby pins, so insert them gently and carefully to make sure they don’t affect the overall look of the hairstyle.

12. Remove the rollers at the front of the hair, lightly brush out the hair and mist with holding spray.

13. Bring the hair backwards, over the hair that has been rolled and pinned at the back of the head. Allow the hair to form a gentle wave and then mist with holding spray.

14. Tuck the section of hair into the rolled hair at the back, so that it blends in smoothly with that hair.

15. Once the holding spray dries, remove the hair clips that were holding the hair temporarily in place. Replace them with bobby pins, inserted close to the scalp.

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