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She Sells Seashells

Create a cornucopia of waves and curls with this design. It looks lovely with a sparkly hair band or tiara, but can definitely be worn unadorned as well.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Divide the hair into two sections with a part that extends from above the left eyebrow, around the crown of the head and to the right eyebrow. Gather the hair at the crown in a ponytail.

2. Brush the hair below the part to one side and mist with holding spray.

3. Hold the hair at one side of the head, place a brush handle diagonally on the hair, and then wrap the hair over the brush handle and back towards the middle of the head.

4. Roll the hair around the handle to form a twist and secure the rolled hair with bobby pins close to the scalp.

5. Carefully draw the brush out of the rolled hair. Make sure you don’t ruin the shape of the roll as you do this.

6. Carefully tuck the ends of the hair under the twist again, making sure you don’t damage the shape of the twist as you do this.

7. Gently brush the hair so that it is smooth. Insert hair pins along the entire length of the twist to secure it in place.

8. Move to the front of the head and divide the hair into a front and back section.

9. Brush out the front section, hold it at the ends, and twist it towards the forehead. Continue the twist all the way to the ends of the hair.

10. Draw the ends behind the ear and secure them at the base of the larger twist with bobby pins. Adjust the front of the hair so that it looks like there are smooth bangs.

11. Brush out the other section of hair at the front of the head and backcomb the hair at the roots to increase volume.

12. Gently brush the top of this section as you draw it backwards. You want to brush the hair smooth without reducing the volume.

13. Twist this section of hair, tuck it into the larger twist at the back of the head, and secure with hair pins.

14. Use the end of a tail comb to twist the ends of the loose hair into a loop, and secure the loop with bobby pins.

15. Mist with holding spray.

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