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Soulful Sister

Get soulfully sweet with this design. You’ll need a round hair extension to create the volume in this free-flowing hairstyle.

1. Wash the hair, style it with a bit of mousse, and then blow dry it. Curl all of the hair with a medium curling iron.

2. Gather a section of hair at the top of the crown.

3. Draw out one section of hair on each side of the section that’s gathered on the top of the head, and secure with hair clips.

4. Brush the center section of hair forward and secure with a pair of bobby pins, inserting them in an X-shape. Mist with a bit of hair spray.

5. To create a lush and full-volume look, you’ll need a round hair extension.

6. Secure the hair extension on the top of the head using hair pins. Make sure you insert the pins close to the scalp.

7. Gently brush back the section of hair that you brushed forward in Step 4 so that it completely covers the hair extension.

8. Draw out a section of hair located near the front left side of the hair extension and bring it to the back of the head. Join this section of hair and the hair that was pulled over the extension with a small hair elastic to keep the hair covering the extension in place.

9. Release one of the sections of hair that you secured in Step 3 and gently brush it over the hair extension, covering this side of the extension completely. Mist with hair spray.

10. Draw the hair to the other side of the extension. Try to create a cover for the extension that is tidy and smooth.

11. Secure the hair just below the hair extension with a hair pin.

12. Repeat this process with the other section of hair that you set aside in Step 3. Gently brush out the hair, bring it over the hair extension, and pin it on the other side.

13. At this point, you’ve created a lush base at the top of the head, using a hair extension, hair elastic, and a couple of hair pins.

14. For extra elegance, add a flowery pearl hair band.

15. If any of the curls have come loose during the styling, re-curl them with the curling iron and mist with holding spray.

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