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Sweep Me Sideways

Add body and volume to straight hair with this pretty side braid. The braid protrudes a bit from the head in a technique known as an inside-out French braid. It’s made by passing the left and right sections of hair under the middle section rather than over it.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Rub moisturizing cream on all the hair and then divide it into front and back sections with a part that runs from ear to ear over the crown of the head. Secure the back section in a low ponytail.

2. Draw out a small section of hair above one ear, divide it into three sections, and begin making an inside-out French braid. This means you’ll be passing the left and right sections of hair under the middle section, rather than over it.

3. Add a small section of hair to each left and right section as you make the braid.

4. Continue braiding the hair, working your way towards the front of the head. Make sure the sections are tidy and clearly defined so that the braid really stands out.

5. Continue braiding the hair, including most of the hair at the front of the face. Leave a few strands of hair loose to soften the look and frame the face.

6. At every stage of the braid, you’ll hold one section of hair in each hand and have one section in the middle, to which you’ll add hair with every phase of the weave.

7. Make sure the braid stays close to the scalp. Continue braiding over the top of the head and around the face, until you reach the other ear.

8. Continue weaving the braid. When you’ve used all the hair that was in the top section of hair, release the ponytail at the back of the head and start integrating this hair into the braid as well.

9. The braid will still be an inside-out French braid, but will no longer be close to the scalp.

10. Continue adding small sections of hair to the braid with every weave. At this stage, the braid will be on the back left side of the head, but you’ll be integrating sections of hair from the back right side.

11. You should be able to see small sections of hair that connect to the braid, one after the other.

12. It’s important to add sections of hair from the hairline and then from the back of the head.

13. When you reach the end of the hair, secure the braid with a hair elastic. Loosen the braid a little by gently tugging on strands of hair.

14. Be very gentle when you tug on the hair. You want to increase the volume of the braid but don’t want the braid to look messy.

15. Let the braid hang down one shoulder and mist with holding spray.

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