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Swirled Surprise

With its loops, curls and tucks, this sculpted hairstyle creates an immediate impact. Marvelously magnificent!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Divide the hair into five sections: one at the brow; one on either side of the brow; one at the crown of the head; and one at the back of the head. Gather the section at the crown of the head into a ponytail.

2. Gather the hair at the back of the head in a low ponytail.

3. Backcomb the hair in the upper ponytail to increase the volume.

4. Backcomb the hair all the way to the ends to maximize the volume.

5. Gently brush the exterior of the ponytail, while taking care to preserve the volume.

6. Wrap a transparent hairnet around this ponytail and affix the net at the base of the ponytail with a bobby pin.

7. Move to the lower ponytail and backcomb the hair all the way to the ends to increase volume.

8. Wrap this section of hair in a transparent hairnet.

9. Twist the wrapped ponytail upwards, in the direction of the upper ponytail.

10. Secure the wrapped ponytail around the base of the upper ponytail, shaping it with your hands until you achieve the desired look.

11. Brush out the hair on both sides of the head and draw it towards the back of the head.

12. Shape these sections of hair as you like and secure to the scalp with bobby pins. Continue to shape the ends of the hair along the sides of the wrapped sections of hair and secure them with bobby pins.

13. Backcomb the bangs close to the roots.

14. Roll the hair backwards to allow for volume and then secure with bobby pins.

15. Roll the ends of the hair into curls that blend in with the sections of hair that you’ve already sculpted. Secure with bobby pins and mist with holding spray.

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