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Swirled Sweetheart

This hairstyle is sure to sweep you off your feet. It features two nicely knotted bunches of hair, swirled up and secured with a pretty pink flower.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Rub moisturizing cream on all the hair and divide it into two sections with a zigzag part that extends from the brow to the back of the head.

2. Divide the hair on one side of the part into top and bottom sections. Hold the bottom section of hair with a clip.

3. Grasp two small sections of hair from one side of the zigzag part at the hairline.

4. Tie these sections together in a simple knot and pull the knot so that it lies close to the scalp.

5. Grasp another small section of hair from this section and hold it in one hand. Hold the sections of hair you just knotted together in the other hand.

6. Tie these two sections of hair together in a knot and pull the knot close to the scalp.

7. Continue in this manner, knotting hair from the top section while working your way towards the back of the head, until you reach the other side of the head.

8. Secure the hair about 2 inches from the ends with a hair elastic.

9. Move back to the front of the head and release the hair that you secured with a hair clip in Step 2. Repeat the process of tying knots with small sections of hair as you work your way towards the back of the head.

10. Continue tying knots along the hairline in the same manner as you did with the top hair. Secure the hair about 2 inches from the ends with a hair elastic.

11. The two knotted bunches of hair should be parallel when they are finished.

12. Hold the bunches of hair in one hand and twist them upwards in a U shape.

13. Secure the hair at the back of the head with hair pins. Tuck the loose ends of hair into the U shape and secure with hair pins.

14. Mist with holding spray and add a flowery hair accessory.

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