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The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride A

This gorgeous design features a twisted rope of hair wrapped over the top of the head like a hair band. Distinctive, pretty, and fit for a princess!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Divide the hair into front and back sections by making a part over the crown of the head, from one ear to the other. Mist a section of hair from the back section of the hair with holding spray and then curl with a medium-sized curling iron.

2. Hold the hair in the curling iron for about 15 seconds and then gently release to create a solid curl. Secure the curl with a hair clip.

3. Repeat this process to curl all the hair at the back of the head. Let the curls set for about 10 minutes.

4. Move to the front section of hair and grasp two small sections of hair, each about 1 inch wide, above one ear. Rub a bit of wax onto each section of hair and twist the sections until they each resemble a rope.

5. Draw the lower section of hair upwards and the higher section of hair downwards to form an X shape.

6. Move upwards along this side of the head and grasp another 1-inch section of hair. Twist this section together with the lower section of hair (which you drew upwards when making the X) to form a single twisted section of hair.

7. Bring the section of hair now closest to the ear upwards and under the top section of hair. Draw out another 1-inch section of hair and twist it together with this section.

8. Repeat this technique to incorporate 1-inch sections of hair all over the front of the head. Every time you incorporate another section of hair, make sure it is rolled into a rope with the section of hair that is under it, in order to create twisted trails of hair all around the face.

9. As you make your way from one ear to the other, the rope of hair that acts as a head band becomes thicker.

10. Make sure you stand behind the bride as you twist the hair, since you want to draw each section of hair backwards with the same degree of tightness.

11. As each section of hair is added, it must be twisted tightly and in the same direction as the previous twist.

12. Continue twisting each section of hair into a rope. Continue twisting the ropes together, even after you have finished incorporating new sections of hair. Twist the two sections around each other all the way to the end of the hair and then secure with an elastic band. Gently pull out strands of hair from the twisted rope to soften the look and increase the volume.

13. Gently release the hair clips from the curls at the back of the head.

14. Using your fingers, gently release the curls until the hair is loose and wavy.

15. Draw the twisted rope of hair around the back of the head like a crown. If the hair is long enough, secure the end by pinning it at the front of the head, just above the ear where the twisted roll started. Mist with holding spray to secure it.

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