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Triple Tier

In this romantic design, the hair is collected in three swooping swirls at the front and twirled into a decorative back. Decorate with a few sprigs of baby’s breath.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Roll the hair around the face into curls using a small curling iron.

2. Switch to a medium-sized curling iron and curl the hair at the crown of the head all the way to the roots. Make your way towards the back of the head, curling sections of hair as you go. Leave the hair curled until it cools.

3. Mist each curled section of hair with holding spray after curling to make the curls last.

4. Comb the hair at back of the head downwards, from the crown to the nape of the neck. Pin the hair behind the ear and mist with holding spray. This area is the base for the rest of the hairstyle.

5. Gently release the curls, one at a time, making an effort to keep the hair wavy.

6. After releasing each curl, secure it near the base you formed in step 4.

7. To increase the volume and softness of each curl, backcomb each one gently only at the roots, and then softly brush it to create a gentle look.

8. Repeat this technique with each curl, all around the head. Mist with holding spray to secure the curls in place.

9. Make sure you treat each curl separately and carefully.

10. Continue drawing the curls gently backwards, collecting them at the nape of the neck, until you achieve the look you want.

11. Gather all the hair at one side of the head and hold it together with an elastic band.

12. Wrap another elastic band near the ends of the hair and a third elastic band between the first two.

13. Draw out a small section of hair from the collected hair and wrap it around the top elastic band to conceal it. Repeat this process to conceal the other two elastic bands with sections of hair. Mist the wrapped hair with holding spray and secure with a bobby pin.

14. Gently draw out the hair between each elastic band with your fingers to add volume to each section.

15. Mist the hair with holding spray to keep the shape.

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