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Up, Up, and Away

There is nothing shy about this fun hairstyle. Brimming with curls, it’s just right for a fun night of frolicking with friends.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Curl all of the hair, using a curling iron, and then gather it at the back of the head in a loose ponytail. Hold the hair away from the face using an elastic hair band.

2. Place a decorative hair band over the elastic hair band and release the hair from the ponytail.

3. Make a small ponytail at the crown of the head and wrap the hair elastic close to the scalp. Loosen the hair above the hair elastic a little bit to add volume.

4. Divide the loose hair at the back of the head into four sections and secure each section with a hair elastic. Loosen the hair above the hair elastics so that there is loose hair surrounding the face. Adjust the hair elastics so that they are all evenly spaced.

5. Twist one section of hair. Grasp some of the ends of the hair with one hand and push the rest of the hair upwards with the other hand to increase volume.

6. Twist the hair towards the scalp so that the volume of the hair seems to shrink.

7. Pin the hair to the scalp with hair pins. Make sure you use enough pins to secure the hair.

8. Repeat this process with the next section of hair.

9. As before, twist the hair in the ponytail, push some of it upwards with one hand, and then pin it to the scalp to create a fun, playful look.

10. Repeat this process with each section of hair, twisting the hair in a similar manner so that the hair looks deliberate, yet messy.

11. To get the style just right, make sure you insert enough hair pins to hold the twists, and mist each twisted section with holding spray to secure it.

12. With just five hair elastics, a few hair pins and some finishing spray, it’s possible to create a hair style that’s just right for an evening out.

13. For a perfect finish, add a few more hair pins to secure the twists at the back of the head.

14. Mist with holding spray.

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