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Very Victorian

This daring design is sure to impress every guest at your wedding. It features dozens of twisted curls arranged all over the head. Exquisite and striking!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Mark off a section of hair at the crown of the head and backcomb it at the roots. Brush the hair backwards and secure it by inserting bobby pins in an X shape.

2. Wrap an elastic band around the gathered hair, about 5 inches from the bobby pins, and backcomb the ends (below the elastic band) to increase volume.

3. Roll the gathered hair upwards towards the scalp.

4. Secure the elastic band to the scalp with bobby pins to create a roll of hair.

5. Tuck the backcombed ends of the hair into the roll.

6. Shift the rolled hair towards the scalp and secure it with bobby pins.

7. Make a part in the hair at the front of the head and grasp a 2-inch section of hair on one side of the part. Mist the hair with a little holding spray.

8. Roll this section of hair around your fingers, from the end of the hair towards the roots, to form a coil.

9. Secure the coiled hair to the scalp with a hair clip.

10. Mist the hair with holding spray and let it dry.

11. Repeat this process to coil all the hair at the front of the head, rolling 2-inch sections of hair into coils and securing them with bobby pins.

12. Spray each section of hair with holding spray before rolling it, in order to make the hairstyle last longer.

13. After rolling the hair around your finger and securing it to the scalp, mist each section of hair with holding spray.

14. Using a diffuser, heat the hair for about 5 minutes and then let it cool for about 10 minutes.

15. Once the hair has set, gently remove the hair clips from each roll of hair and replace them with bobby pins. Make sure you insert the bobby pins in an X shape so that they are really secure and then conceal the pins with the hair.

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