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Waterfall Braid

Basic steps : Braid, transfer left and middle sections into your top hand, and drop the bottom piece. Replace the bottom piece with a new section. Braid the new bottom piece over the middle and repeat.

1. Start with a simple three-strand braid near your part: bottom section over middle and top section over middle.

2. Transfer the top and middle sections into your top hand and let that bottom section fall.

3. Next to the section you just dropped and right under the two sections you’re holding in your top hand, gather a brand new section to braid with. Look at my bottom hand, that is a brand new section. We simply dropped the original and are gathering a new bottom section to use.

4. Gather all three sections in your top hand, braid the new bottom section over the middle, and then transfer all three sections into your bottom hand with the top section in between your index finger and thumb.

5. Start adding in new hair up top like you would a regular French Braid. Add hair to that top section. Braid it over the middle and transfer the left and middle sections into your top hand.

6. Drop that bottom piece.

7. Add in a new section of hair to replace the dropped bottom piece.

8. Repeat steps 5–7.

9. Once you’ve wrapped the braid around your crown, you can either secure it by sliding in a bobby pin or braiding it down and securing it with a clear elastic band.

Tips :

The Waterfall Braid is one of my favorite hairstyles. It’s gorgeous enough for prom but can easily be dressed down to wear to the gym. Technically this style isn’t a basic braid because it’s building off the French Braid. However, it’s used in so many different styles throughout the book that I wanted to show you how to do it up front.

Before you begin you’ll need to be proficient at French Braiding. If you’re still learning your basic French Braid, this style is just going to frustrate you. But if the French Braid comes naturally to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is!

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