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Wavy Crown

Have some fun with this wavy masterpiece. Create a hair band of braided hair around the top of the head and then curl the loose ends in a wonderful wave. Fun, playful, and easy!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Rub moisturizing cream on all the hair to make it smooth. Grasp three small sections of hair at the hairline.

2. Number the sections of hair from 1 to 3, with section 3 closest to the top of the head. Draw section 2 over section 1 and then draw section 1 over section 3. Section 3 will now be at the bottom of the braid.

3. Release section 3 from your grip so that it hangs loose, and grasp a new section of hair from the top of the head. This will replace the section you just released and allow you to continue braiding the hair.

4. Bring the new section at the top of the head under the middle portion, then bring the bottom section upwards under the middle section.

5. As in Step 3, release the bottom most section of the braid so that it hangs loose.

6. Grasp a section of hair from above the braid to replace the section that is now loose.

7. Continue in this manner to make a braid that runs all around the head, similar to a garland or crown.

8. When you reach the other side of the head, braid the hair into an ordinary braid and secure it at the end with a hair elastic.

9. Curl the sections of hair that hang loose from the braided crown with a medium curling iron.

10. Work your way around the entire head to curl all these sections of hair.

11. Gently comb out the curls to soften them.

12. Make sure that you hold the hair under the braid while you brush out the curls so that you don’t damage the braid.

13. For a wavier look, mist holding spray onto a bristle brush and then brush out the curls.

14. Thicken the braided crown by gently tugging on the braided sections a little bit.

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