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Wonder Weave

Make the most of straight hair by using it to create an elegant weave at the top of the head. Secure the weave with a pretty bow and you’re ready for any occasion.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Make a middle part from the brow to the nape of the neck to divide the hair into two even sections. Use the end of a tail comb to draw up several small sections of hair along one side of the part.

2. Brush the hair below the lifted sections and mist with holding spray. Continue holding these sections of hair away from the rest of the hair, and draw out a small section of hair at the hairline.

3. Bring the hair from the hairline backwards and under the sections of hair you lifted in Step 1. Secure the hair with a small clip.

4. Bring down the sections of hair that were lifted in Step 1 and lift up the sections that were left down. Draw out another section of hair from the hairline and bring it backwards under these lifted sections.

5. Repeat the technique in Steps 1 and 2 to weave back another section of hair.

6. Pin this section of hair at the back of the head.

7. Repeat the technique you used in Step 4.

8. As before, weave a small section of hair from the hairline under the lifted sections.

9. Make sure that each section of hair is neatly woven, as this is what allows the pattern to be seen.

10. Secure the woven sections of hair at the back of the head.

11. Repeat this entire process on the other side of the head, drawing back sections of hair at the hairline, weaving them through lifted sections of hair from the part, and pinning them at the back of the head.

12. Gather the sections of hair that you’ve woven backwards and secure them at the back with a hair elastic.

13. Use a colored hair elastic if you want it to be visible.

14. Add a pretty bow if you like.

15. Mist with holding spray.

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