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Wondrous Rolls

A rich collection of folded curls at the back and a seductive swirl at the front makes this hairstyle distinct, pretty, and perfect for every elegant bride.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Separate the bangs from the rest of the hair and curl with hot rollers. Gather the rest of the hair at the back of the head in a low ponytail.

2. Affix a hair wrap around the base of the ponytail using bobby pins.

3. Roll a section of hair in the ponytail with a small curling iron. Hold the hair in the curling iron for about 10 seconds, then gently release. Repeat this technique to curl all the hair in the ponytail.

4. To increase the volume and create a more natural look, hold the ends of each curl and push back the hair with your fingers.

5. Roll the end of a curl into a bobby pin and then insert the bobby pin into the hair wrap, close to the scalp.

6. Repeat this process with each section of curled hair.

7. Make sure you don’t pull out the curl when securing it to the hair wrap. Try to preserve a sense of movement and freedom in the curls.

8. After all the curls have been secured, use bobby pins to secure the curls to each other and over the hair wrap, covering it completely.

9. Release the bangs from the rollers.

10. Gently brush out the hair and backcomb it at the roots.

11. Draw the bangs backwards and twist them to increase the volume.

12. Secure the bangs by inserting a bobby pin close to the scalp.

13. Brush the bangs very gently and shape them into a soft wave.

14. Style the wave as you like and insert a hair clip to secure it in the desired position.

15. Insert another hair clip, if necessary, to hold the second part of the wave. When you’re happy with the shape, mist with holding spray and wait for about 10 minutes. Gently remove the hair clips.

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