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Wrapped Waves

Seemingly simple from the front, this design features an opulent back with shapely, thick waves of hair. Dress it up with a decorative hair clip.

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Divide the hair into three sections: a front section that includes the bangs; a middle section that extends from behind the bangs to above the ears; and a back section that includes the hair at the back of the head. Secure the front and middle sections with elastic bands.

2. Roll the middle section of hair with a large curling iron and secure with a hair clip. Repeat to curl the back section into a large curl.

3. Bring the hair at the front of the head forwards and backcomb at the roots.

4. Draw the hair backwards and gently brush the side of the hair that is now visible to achieve a neat look. Mist the hair with a little holding spray.

5. Secure the hair at the back of the head with a bobby pin.

6. Using your fingers or a tail comb, wrap the ends of this section of hair around the bases of the other two ponytails.

7. Bring the hair from the ponytail at the middle of the head upwards and wrap it around the hair from the front of the head. Bring the hair in this ponytail back towards the back of the head and secure with a hair clip.

8. Brush the hair in the opposite direction and secure with a little holding spray.

9. Roll the ponytail at the bottom of the head around the base of the middle ponytail.

10. Wrap this hair upwards, form a loop at the end, and secure beside the middle ponytail using a hair clip.

11. Note how three separate sections of hair were twisted together to create a single, sculpted look.

12. Mist the entire hairstyle with holding spray and dry with a diffuser.

13. Once the hair is secure, gently release the hairclips that are holding the design in place.

14. Secure the hairstyle for the evening by inserting bobby pins throughout the hairstyle.

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