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Zigzag Pizzazz

Why wait for a special occasion to create a fun hairstyle? This design is simple enough to wear to an evening at the movies with good friends. Spunky and full of pizzazz!

1. Wash and blow dry the hair. Make a zigzag part from the forehead to the crown of the head. Gather the hair at the top of the head in a ponytail at the crown of the head.

2. Grasp the hair at the hairline on one side of the face and divide it into top and bottom sections.

3. Grasp a section of hair on the same side of the head, adjacent to the part and the face. Twist this section of hair, draw it over the top section of hair from Step 2, and then join it with the hair in the bottom section.

4. Take a section of hair from the bottom of the head. Draw it over the bottom section of hair in Step 3 to make an X, and then join it with the hair in the top section.

5. Repeat this process, alternately taking sections of hair from the top and bottom of the head, and weaving each section into one of two main sections.

6. Move your way along this side of the head to make a 2-strand French braid. Rub moisturizing cream on each section of hair to create smooth, clean sections.

7. Make sure you cross the strands of hair close to the scalp so that the braid is tight and secure.

8. The sections of hair should be clearly defined so that you can see that the braid is made from sections that are woven together and increasing in size every time.

9. Continue in this manner, working your way around the back of the head and continuing on the other side. You’ll also work in the ends of the hair that were collected in the ponytail.

10. Rub moisturizing cream on each section to make it more clearly defined.

11. Brush each section of hair as you add it to the 2-section braid to keep the look clean and smooth. Also make sure you keep the braid close to the scalp.

12. Continue making the braid until you’ve integrated all of the loose hair and have reached the ear on the other side of the head.

13. Wrap a hair elastic around the hair at the ear line to secure the braid. Leave the ends loose, as in a ponytail.

14. Wrap a section of hair in the ponytail around the hair elastic to conceal it.

15. Mist with holding spray. If you like, add a floral hair accessory for a decorative finish.

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