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About the Author

Tasia ST. Germaine=


Tasia is the founder and owner of Sewaholic Patterns. She launched Sewaholic in 2010 to offer pretty, versatile sewing patterns for pear-shaped women. Tasia has been sewing for twenty-five years; in high school she spent as much time working in the sewing lab as attending regular classes. Tasia completed a degree in fashion design and technology at Kwantlen University College, where she thrived in the company of other students who shared her passion for sewing, fabric and design. After graduation, Tasia honed her craft by working in the apparel industry for eight years. Sewing always remained her first love, so she decided to take the knowledge and experience she had gained and to apply it to the world of sewing patterns. This decision led to the Sewaholic blog, her successful Sewaholic Patterns business and this very book! Tasia’s enthusiasm and love of sewing has inspired people all over the world to start sewing and to take pride in making their own clothing.

Tasia lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, Mr. Sewaholic. When she’s not sewing, she loves cycling, knitting, puzzles, traveling and quilting.

Visit the Sewaholic blog at www.sewaholic.com or Sewaholic Patterns at www.sewaholicpatterns.com