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Adjustable Straps

When making a larger bag that will be carried with one long shoulder strap, it is a great idea to add the feature of an adjustable strap. This will enable you to shorten and lengthen the strap, making your bag suitable for all different heights and carrying styles!

Adjustable Straps 1

1). Take your completed strap and slide adjuster. Loop one end of the strap around the centre prong in the slide adjuster and fold the strap end onto itself by approximately 2.5cm (1in). Topstitch the fold in place to capture the slide adjuster.

Adjustable Straps 2

2). Take the remaining free end of the strap. First feed this (from inside to outside) through the ring at one side of the bag. Next fold the strap over, enclosing the ring, and feed the end through the outer two prongs of the slide adjuster, as shown.

Adjustable Straps 3

3). Take the loose end and thread it (from outside to inside) through the handle ring at the other side of the bag. Fold it under and topstitch the end in place to capture the ring. You can now adjust the strap as desired.

Adjustable Straps 4

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