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How to Blanket Stitch


Blanket stitch is a hand stitch used for finishing a raw edge. It’s called blanket stitch because originally this type of stitch was used to finish the raw edges of a blanket. Blanket stitch is often done in contrast thread and adds a home-sewn, crafty look to your projects. It looks the same on both sides of the fabric, which makes it a good edge finish.

Blanket stitch around sample

Blanket stitch around sample

Blanket stitch around applique

Blanket stitch around applique


You can use a blanket stitch to sew on appliqués (page link), finish raw edges of blankets, make thread loops (page link) or finish raw edges of seams. Choose a contrast thread color to make the blanket stitches show up, or choose a more subtle color so the stitches blend in. Use a blanket stitch when you want a home-sewn look on appliqué, patchwork or around visible edges.

Tips + Notes

  • To keep your stitches at an even distance from the fabric edge, mark a line up from the edge of the fabric to show where the blanket stitches will go.
  • Space stitches closer together to form a denser edge finish. Space stitches farther apart to make it faster to sew.
  • To blanket-stitch around corners, make the stitches closer together at the starting points and allow the loops to spread out around the edge like the spokes of a wheel.
  • Many modern sewing machines come with a blanket stitch function, also called an appliqué stitch. Check your machine’s manual!


How to blanket stitch (1)

Start by threading a handsewing needle with single thread. You may want to use thicker thread if the stitching is meant to be seen as decorative stitching or for finishing the edges of a blanket. Arrange the fabric with the raw edge facing you and the right side up. Working from left to right, start with the needle through the fabric on the left side of the piece, coming up from the wrong side to the right side. Place the needle an equal distance above the raw edge and away from the last stitch.

How to blanket stitch (2)

Bring the needle out straight down toward you, looping the thread under the point of the needle.

How to blanket stitch (3)

Do not pull the thread too tightly, just until the loop sits against the raw edge of the fabric. This forms the blanket stitch.

How to blanket stitch (4)

Repeat this stitch across the raw edge of the fabric. Keep the stitches equally spaced along the length of the fabric and an equal distance up from the raw edge. You are making a series of connected L-shaped stitches along the edge of the fabric.

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