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How to Make Covered Buttons


Covered buttons are buttons made from fabric—often the same fabric as the garment they will be sewed to. Using a covered button kit, fabric is wrapped around a metal or plastic dome to make matching buttons. Covered buttons look great and are easy to make!

Covered buttons

Covered buttons

Covered button on Hollyburn Skirt

Covered button on Hollyburn Skirt


Choose covered buttons when you prefer the look of matching fabric buttons, when you can’t find suitable buttons to match your garment or when you want a round, smooth look to the buttons. Using the same fabric as your garment allows you to get a perfect match, which is great when you’re sewing with unusual colors! If you’re using contrast fabric for parts of your garment, covering buttons in the same contrast fabric can look quite smart. Covered buttons are elegant for evening wear in dressy fabrics like satin. Covered buttons are fairly inexpensive and can be replaced if the fabric starts to wear out. To sew covered buttons to your garments, follow the directions for sewing shank buttons on (page link).

Tips + Notes

  • Don’t have the covered button kit, just the button forms? Run a gathering stitch along the outer edge of your fabric circle, place the button form on the circle and draw the threads up to cover the rounded part of the button. Press the backing onto the covered button form using your hands or a strong, flat object.
  • Make one extra button and save it in case you need to replace one later. Keep it in your button box, or sew it to the inside of your garment seam allowance. Sewing it to the inside of your garment means it will have been washed the same number of times as the rest of the buttons, so the color will have faded similarly.
  • If your fabric is sheer, double it or layer it with a piece of solid cotton or the lining fabric. This prevents show-through and makes the fabric on the covered button stronger.
  • If your fabric is thick, dampen it so it’s easier to shape around the button form.


If you buy a kit, the instructions should be printed somewhere on the packaging, but here’s a guide to making them just in case. In my example, the kit contains the button form, the button backing, a rubber cup and a plastic cap used to push the button together.

How to make covered buttons (1)

Cut a circle of fabric according to the template. If you’ve lost the template, cut a circle with a diameter that’s twice the diameter of the button. For example, to cover a 1″ (2.5cm) button, cut a circle that’s 2″ (5.1cm) across.

How to make covered buttons (2)

Place the button form on top of the fabric circle, with the wrong side of the fabric against the form.

How to make covered buttons (3)

Push both pieces in the little rubber cup that comes with the kit.

How to make covered buttons (4)

Place the backing on using the plastic cap to push the backing into the form until it snaps in place.

How to make covered buttons (5)

Remove the covered button from the rubber cup.

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