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How to Pink As A Seam Finish


Pinking is simply cutting with pinking shears, which are special scissors that cut in a zigzag pattern.

Pinked fabric

Pinked fabric


Pinking is a quick and simple way to finish seams (page link). It’s best for fabrics that are firmly woven and won’t fray. You can also pink to reduce bulk in enclosed seams. When applying fusible interfacing (page link), pinking the edges ensures you won’t have a visible line where the interfacing starts.

Tips + Notes

  • Pink the edges of fusible interfacing (page link) when you don’t want to see a sharp line where the interfacing is attached. This works best when applying interfacing to a portion of a fabric piece, for example to the area behind bound buttonholes (page link). Trim all around the edges with pinking shears.
  • Pinking shears can be sharpened by a professional; talk to your local sewing shop or sewing machine repair center for recommendations. You can also sharpen pinking shears by cutting through doubled aluminum foil. Repeat several times until the shears are sharp. This might not work for all pinking shears, so do it as a last resort!

How to pink as a seam finish


Simply trim the edges of your seam allowance with pinking shears, opening the blades wide and cutting all the way through until the shears are fully closed. For lightweight fabrics, pink both edges at once. For medium-weight and heavier fabrics, pink each edge separately.

When making the second cut, line up the blades with the pinked edges of the fabric. If you’re having trouble pinking the edges evenly, draw a chalk line first with a ruler, then pink along the chalk line.

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