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Inserting Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures are a quick and easy way to make closable openings on your bags or pockets. There is no need to be wary of these, as they are so simple to insert. Unlike some, I like to place magnetic closures into the bag opening as the last step. This ensures they will evenly meet each other after taking into account all the seams and the way the completed bag sits.

1). Take your bag and mark where you want the first side (male side) of the magnetic closure to be inserted on the lining fabric only. To mark this accurately, place the closure washer over the designated location and mark inside the two oval prong holes.

Inserting Magnetic Closures 1

2). Use a seam ripper (quick unpick) to create a small slit along both marked lines. Try to keep the slits smaller than the prongs so that your closure will not be loose on the fabric.

Inserting Magnetic Closures 2

3). Insert the prongs of the male magnetic closure piece through these slits. The prongs will be slightly bigger than the slits, which is intentional – simply push them through for a snug fit. If the piece of fabric you are inserting the closure into already has interfacing, you can now attach the washer over the prongs on the wrong side of the fabric, folding the prongs outwards to enclose the washer and secure the closure. If the fabric does not have interfacing, I recommend that you cut a 4cm (11⁄2in) square of fusible fleece. Fit this over the prongs at the back of your fabric before attaching the washer to give added support, protection and strength.

Inserting Magnetic Closures 3

4). If this is for a bag closure, close the bag so that the front and back top edges are sitting evenly. Now press the male side of the magnetic closure into the other side of the lining, making a slight indent in the fabric where you want the two sides to meet. Using the depression as your placement guide, repeat the Steps 1–3 to install the female side of the closure.

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