Ladder Stitch

Ladder stitch is a fabulous hand stitch that closes seams invisibly. If your prefer, you can quickly topstitch or whip stitch your turning gaps closed, but for a more professional finish I find it worth the effort to master ladder stitch.

Ladder Stitch 1

1). Position the bag lining right side up so that the turning gap is easily accessible. Make sure that the raw edges of the turning gap section are neatly folded in. If they are a little messy or uneven you may like to press with your finger or an iron, if accessible.

Ladder Stitch 2

2). Start at one end of the gap, hiding the starting knot on the wrong side. Take a small stitch right along the folded under edge on one side of the gap.

Ladder Stitch 3

3). Take a second small stitch right along the folded under edge of the other side of the turning gap. This time start the stitch directly in line with where the first stitch exited.

Ladder Stitch 4

4. Continue taking stitches in the same way, ensuring that you are creating a ladder effect with the thread, as shown. When you have four to five stitches, pull the thread and the two sides of your turning gap will come together neatly.

5. Continue stitching and pulling the thread every four to five stitches until you fully close the gap.

Ladder Stitch 5

Source :
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Melanie Mcneice