Sewing Darts

On some bags you will find a dart marked on the template (see Pattern Pullout Sheet). A dart is a tapered tuck that is sewn into items to give them structure, shape or fullness.

Sewing Darts 1

1). Take your bag or pocket piece containing the dart.

Sewing Darts 2

2). Fold the bag piece, right sides together, so that the raw side edges of the dart triangle are now on top of each other, as shown.

Sewing Darts 3

3). Stitch the raw edges together with a sewing machine, tapering the stitches to the folded edge.

Sewing Darts 4

Source :
Sew Cute to Carry
12 Stylish bag patterns for handbags, purses & totes
Melanie Mcneice