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Candy Knot Guest Towel

Finished size : 15″ × 26″ (may vary)

Don’t you love getting out your best hand towels when company comes a-callin’? Any basic hand towel from a bath department can be made pretty with a whole lot of French knots. Don’t be scared. French knots are like meditation; just sit back and enjoy the quiet. Or better yet, turn on your favorite TV drama. One band takes me about three hours to complete.

candy knot guest towel 1

Materials and Supplies

  • Hand towel(s)*
  • Perle cotton embroidery thread #8 in 4–6 coordinating colors


  • Embroidery needles, size 9 or 10
  • Needle threader (optional)
  • Oval embroidery hoop, 5½″ × 9″
  • Seam gauge

* Prewash the towel in case of shrinkage.

When shopping for a hand towel look for one that has a band with a striped or waffle design. This way you can easily keep track of your spacing. The band will serve as a design guide as well. The towels that I used had room for four rows of knots.

sewing it up

  1. Slip an end of the towel right side up into the embroidery hoop. If the towel has a band, center it within the hoop.
  2. Thread a needle with a strand of perle cotton. Prepping a few needles is helpful. For this project double the thread; slide the needle to the middle of the thread and knot the ends together.
  3. Bring your needle up from the wrong side ¼″ in from the right-hand edge of the towel. Refer to Hand Stitches to make a French knot.
  4. Angle the needle so it will come back up through the front of the towel ¼″ to the left of the first French knot. Feel free to use a seam gauge to check your spacing. Make another French knot. If the knots are too close or too far apart, simply knot off and start over, removing any French knots that aren’t to your liking.
  5. Work from right to left until you have reached the end of the towel. Move the hoop when required.
  6. When you get close to the end of the thread, knot off by bringing the thread to the back of the towel and putting the needle through a stitch. Wrap your needle twice around the thread and put the thread through to tighten it up. Clip off excess thread.
  7. Choose a coordinating color for the next row to create a candy dot effect. Using the first row of knots as a guide, repeat the spacing.
  8. Repeat until the 2 bands are completed!

Now invite the girls over for cocktails so you can use your adorable new towel!

candy knot guest towel 2

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