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Hand Stitches

French Knot

  1. With a single strand of perle cotton, bring the needle up from the wrong side of the fabric at A. Keep the thread taut with a thumb while wrapping it around the needle 2 times (or 3 times for my “candy knot”) with your other hand.
  2. Still holding the thread with your thumb, twist the needle back to the starting point (A), and insert it close to where the thread emerged (B). The stitch needs a few bits of fabric to grab onto, so avoid going into the same hole.
  3. Pull the needle through the wrapped perle cotton and fabric toward the back while firmly holding the knotted thread close to the fabric. Let go when the loops are nearly closed to form the knot.

1 Hand Stitches - French Knot

Lazy Daisy

  1. Bring the needle from the wrong side to the right side of the fabric (A). Then take the needle to the back, as close as possible to where the thread emerges, leaving a loop of thread on top of the fabric (B). Bring the needle up again at the tip of the stitch (C), looping the thread counterclockwise around the needle tip. Use your thumb to keep the thread from twisting while pulling the needle through to the wrong side of the fabric (D).
  2. Move on to the next petal, adjacent to where you started the first.

2 Hand Stitches - Lazy Daisy

Running Stitch

Start by threading your needle and knotting off the end. From the wrong side of the fabric, come up in the center of a square along the right side (A). Place the needle through to the wrong side of the fabric (B) and bring it back up to the top side (C). Repeat.

3 Hand Stitches - Running Stitch

Slip Stitch

  1. Take a tiny stitch in the fabric.
  2. Insert the point of the needle in the fold of the hem and slip along inside the fold for ¼″ or less.
  3. Pull the needle out, and take another tiny stitch in the fabric.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

4 Hand Stitches - Slip Stitch

Snowflake Stitch

Also known as a double cross-stitch.

  1. Thread a needle and knot the thread. Make a cross-stitch by coming up from the bottom from A to B and then from C to D. Continue to make another cross over the first by bringing the needle out through E.
  2. Now go from E to F and then from G to H. Without knotting off, move on to the next snowflake stitch, moving counterclockwise in the design.

5 Hand Stitches - Snowflake Stitch

Split Stitch

  1. Thread your needle with 3–4 strands of embroidery floss and knot off the ends. Come up at A and make a small stitch about ¼″ long (B).
  2. Next, bring your needle up through the center of the stitch you just made (C). Come down again as you did with your first stitch, and repeat. Continue with every stitch that follows, coming up through the last stitch you made.

6 Hand Stitches - Split Stitch

Woven Circle Stitch

This combination is usually stitched on gingham, which provides spacing for the pattern based on the light and dark squares in the gingham weave. Each different stitch can be done in a different color, or only the woven circle itself can be made in a different color.

  1. Make 2 rows of 2 snowflake stitches, each separated by a gingham square.
  2. Stitch a single running stitch on each square between each pair of snowflake stitches.
  3. Bring the needle to the front at the inside of a running stitch and wrap the thread around the inside ends of all 4 running stitches, twice, to create a circle. Bring the needle down through your starting point.

7 Hand Stitches - Woven Circle Stitch

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