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Patchwork pot holder

Finished size : 8″ × 8″

I am so drawn to feed sacks, with the soft touch of the worn fabric and the charming designs of the 1930s and 1940s. They are so homey. Large pieces of feed sack fabric can be costly, so when I found feed sack charm packs online, I was thrilled. A charm pack from your local quilt market or pretties from your own stash are sources for this project as well.

Patchwork pot holder 1

Materials and Supplies

  • 1 feed sack charm pack or scraps from your stash
  • 1 fat quarter of calico print for backing
  • 1/3 yard of metalized Mylar insulated interfacing, 45″ wide, such as Insul-Fleece by C&T Publishing
  • 1 scrap of cotton batting, at least 10″ × 10″
  • 1 package of ½″-wide double-fold bias tape


When using scraps, cut out your strips along the grain of the fabric. Pulling a loose thread to find the grainline will ensure that your project stays on the straight and narrow.

preparing it

Photocopy or trace templates T and M onto template plastic or card stock and cut them out.

Patchwork pot holder 2

For all printable patterns or digital content, click here.

cutting it out

Charm Pack

  1. Cut 36 strips 11/2″ × 5″.
  2. Cut 4 triangles using template T.


  • Cut 1 square 10″ × 10″.

Insulated Interfacing

  • Cut 1 square 10″ × 10″.


  • Cut 1 square 10″ × 10″.

constructing it


All seam allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted.

1). Lay out the 36 strips into 4 aesthetically appealing groups of 9.
2). Sew a group of 9 strips, long sides together, to create an outer unit. Repeat with the remaining 3 groups of strips.
3). Press all seams in the same direction. Mark the center of each outer unit through the long side with a pin.
4). Match up the center of template M with the center of each unit, and then trace and cut the units out.

Patchwork pot holder 3

5). Pin and stitch a triangle T to the top of each outer unit, right sides together, to create a quarter unit. Press seam toward outer unit.

Patchwork pot holder 4

6). Match the seams of 2 quarter units, pin, and stitch. Press to the side. Repeat with the last 2 quarter units, pressing the center seam in the opposite direction.

Patchwork pot holder 5

7). Pin the halves of the block together, matching the seams and nesting the center seam allowances, and sew them together. Press seams to the side.
8). Use a ruler to trim the quilt block down to an 8″ × 8″ square.

Pot Holde

1). Layer the calico 10″ × 10″ square, right side down, the insulated interfacing, the batting, and the completed block, right side up, centered on the lower layers. Pin or baste the layers together.

2). Quilt by stitching in-the-ditch

Patchwork pot holder 6

3). Trim the batting and backing so they are even with the pieced block.

trimming it

1). Cut a piece of double-fold bias tape at least 37″ long.
2). Start at a corner and sandwich the tape around only 1 side of the pot holder. Pin in place. Edgestitch along the first side. Remove the pot holder from the sewing machine, make a faux mitered corner (see Bias Tape), and continue to pin and stitch around the square, stopping 1″ from the corner where you began.
3). Leave the last inch of the binding open but pin it in place around the pot holder. Stitch 5″ of the loose end of the bias trim closed, and cut off any extra.

Patchwork pot holder 7

4). Twist the loose tail of bias into a loop on the back of the pot holder and tuck inside the binding that was left open in Step 3. Pin in place. Close up the loop by stitching the last bit of binding to the pot holder.

Patchwork pot holder 8

5). Fold the loop back onto the binding. Pin and stitch in place.

Patchwork pot holder 9

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Kelly McCants
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