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Reversible floor mat

Finished size : 15″ × 24″

This reversible mat is perfect for use under pets’ bowls or underfoot in the kitchen. Waterproof oilcloth mats are easy to clean—just wipe off with a damp cloth. Feel free to play with the size; make it bigger or smaller depending on your space and its intended use. Just make the smaller panel 3″ smaller than the desired overall size.

Reversible floor mat 1

Materials and Supplies

  • 1 yard of lattice oilcloth for the small front panel and the back panel
  • 1/2 yard of floral or fruity oilcloth for the main front panel
  • 2/3 yard of gingham oilcloth for bias trim
  • Double-stick tape

Choose an allover print such as floral or lace oilcloth for the larger panel so you can see how pretty it is after you top it with the smaller piece.

cutting it out

  1. From lattice oilcloth: Cut 1 rectangular panel 15″ × 24″ for the back and another panel 12″ × 21″ for the front.
  2. From floral or fruity oilcloth: Cut 1 rectangular panel 15″ × 24″.
  3. From gingham oilcloth: Refer to oilcloth bias tape (see Bias Tape) to cut enough strips 1″ wide on the true bias to yield 160″ in length.

making it

1). Refer to connecting oilcloth bias tape (see Bias Tape) to piece together all of the oilcloth bias strips into a single continuous piece.

2). Fold your 1″-wide bias strip in half lengthwise and finger-press it. (To finger-press oilcloth, press the fold between your thumb and forefinger to create a crease. It may take a few passes.)

3). Sandwich the trim around the outer edges of the 12″ × 21″ piece and pin in place, starting in the middle of a side. Pin parallel to where you will stitch to avoid pinholes in the mat. Edgestitch from the very beginning of the trim through all 3 layers, close to the raw edge of the trim. Refer to faux mitered corners (see Bias Tape) to make each corner.

Tips : Be careful not to pull the trim too tight or your mat will not lie flat.

4). Stop stitching 2″ away from where the ends will meet. Cut the loose end of the trim on a slight diagonal 1/2″ beyond the beginning of the trim. Layer the loose tail over the beginning of the bias, pin, and stitch past your beginning stitches.

Reversible floor mat 2

5). Apply 1″ pieces of double-stick tape to the wrong side of the small panel at all 4 corners and in the center. Leaving a 11/2″-wide border all around, center the small panel, right side up, on the top main panel, also right side up, using a wide acrylic ruler.

Reversible floor mat 3

6). Edgestitch 1/8″ away from the outside of the trim on the smaller panel, stitching it in place on top of the top main panel. Use your Super H presser foot to guide the inner edge of the bias, and move your needle as needed for a nice straight line in just the right place.

7). Place the completed top main panel and back main panel wrong sides together. Pin them together around the outer edge of the mat.

8). Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to apply and edgestitch the remaining trim around the outer edge of the mat.

Reversible floor mat 4

Reversible floor mat 5

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