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Shortening Zips

I like to always use a longer zip than needed when making bags so that I can shorten them, discarding the messy end pieces. This gives a neat, flat finish to the ends of your zips – it is important to secure the ends when doing this.

Shortening Zips 1

1). Sew the fabric pieces to your zip as instructed in the pattern, so that it is as shown.

Shortening Zips 2

2). It is important that you now open the zip a little so that the zip pull is within the fabric section of your work. Using your sewing machine, or by hand, sew backwards and forwards over the teeth of the zip, approximately 3mm (1/8in) inside the edges of your work. These stitches will act much like the metal stoppers at the ends of the zip until the bag is fully constructed.

Shortening Zips 3

3). You can now safely trim off the ends of your zip, in line with the sides of your fabric.

Shortening Zips 4

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Melanie Mcneice