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Topstitch Binding

It is easy to neaten pocket edges with a touch of added flair by adding a line of binding to a raw edge. It makes a good design feature and adds strength to the edges. I choose to attach topstitch binding, firstly because I like its appearance and secondly it is a much quicker and easier way to add traditional continuous binding.

Topstitch Binding 1

1). Fold your strip of binding in half, right sides out, enclosing the raw edges in your fold and ensuring that the fold is completely even. Press the binding well in this position. Now take the item that needs binding. Enclose the raw edge of the item inside the folded binding, making sure that the edge sits right against the fold, and both sides of your binding equally fold over to the front and back.

Topstitch Binding 2

2). Tack (baste) or pin the binding in position, making sure that it equally covers the front and back edges. Then sew in place approximately 3mm (1⁄8in) from the inner edge.

Topstitch Binding 3

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